DIALOG CITY – A holistic approach towards a digital cultural infrastructure in European cities – 2022-2025

DIALOG CITY, which is in progress, aims at contributing to increased access to culture through a dialogical approach by developing new practices on how to connect digital innovation directly to citizens’ physical participation. Digital transformation is more of a mindset than a purely technical innovation. Hence the overall goal of this project proposal is to create a socially inclusive, environmentally friendly, and economically sustainable urban digital environment.


  • Data Analysis Platform for citizens’ and artists’ digital transformation needs.
  • Citizen Archive Platform for the Cultural Heritage Sector.
  • FUTURE LITERACY design thinking toolkit
  • Three Hybrid Festivals
  • An ART FOR PUBLIC residency programme


Funding programme: € 90.084 Creative Europe Programme of the EU

Website: https://dialogcity.eu/


Questionnaires Report

Report and Interviews with Citizens and Stakeholders

Report and Interviews with Artists

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