Our Team - Dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable people

Vassiliki Kritikou

Vasso is a Project Manager with a background in Education and Archiving and Museums Science...

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Tel: +30 6981641146 | Email: vasso.kritikou@culturepolis.org

Maria-Louiza Laopodi

Maria-Louiza is responsible for developing services and strategy design with a background in Interior...

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Tel: +30 6937010294 | Email: mlaopodi@culturepolis.org

Ilias Stathopoulos

Ilias is responsible for the administrative coordination and networking activities with a background...

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Tel: +30 6947131115 | Email: Ilias.stathopoulos@culturepolis.org

Anastasis Stamatis

Data Scientist with a strong social impact track record, EU Climate Pact Ambassador and WEF...

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Fenya Sourla           

A Civil and Environmental Engineer, Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Fellow...

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Persa Koumoutsi

Persa ia a novelist and literary translator of Arabic language, Director of CulturePolis’s KELALP...

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Anastasia Chalkidou

Georgios Kosnetzof

Board of Management

Dr. Vasileios Laopodis

Dr. Laopodis has worked in the private sector (IBM, FIAT, banking and more) as an ICT Engineer / Director...

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Tel: +30 6944726602 | Email: vasileios.laopodis@culturepolis.org

Nikos Goumenakis

Nikos joined the CulturePolis Board of Management in 2013. He has been an ICT...

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Afroditi Laopodi

Afroditi is a founding member of CulturePolis and has been member of the board since its...

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