ARCH: Bringing Cultural Heritage to the Digital Era; Unifying Past, Present and Future 2022-2025

ARCH is an intercultural program that aims at the collaboration between organisations in order to improve students’ cultural heritage increasing their level of satisfaction reducing premature school dropout. ARCH aims to combine the real world with three-dimensional virtual objects through an application for the presentation of cultural heritage information, alongside the development of an educational game in order to highlight each country’s heritage. The opportunity will be given to educators involved at every level, resulting in the strengthening of the European dimension of education.


  • Application for mobile devices of digital browsing platform and presentation of information of cultural points of interest.
  • Interactive educational game for elementary school children project result.
  • Guide to the application of the modern game-based learning techniques in secondary education.


Funding programme: € 9.000 Erasmus+ programme of the European Union


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