INFOREADY – Enhancing Adults’ Digital Literacy and Resistance to Misinformation 2023-2025

The InfoReady project aims at preparing adults to become critical users of online information and empower them to critically evaluate social media and resist disinformation. Adults will be supported in conducting online media research and filtering fake news content. A mobile application will be developed including readiness schemes for adults’ digital literacy and resistance to disinformation, as well as activities for adults to enhance digital literacy and disinformation filtering skills.


  • Design and development of a readiness scheme, and curriculum to prepare adults for dealing with disinformation, as well as a platform and mobile application.
  • Training of adult educators and adult learners on the effective support of adults towards developing resilience skills in relation to disinformation, through the readiness scheme and curriculum.
  • Development of a Documentary to demonstrate the outcomes of the project and user testimonials.

Funding programme: € 38.000 Erasmus+ programme of the European Union


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INFOREADY – Enhancing Adults’ Digital Literacy and Resistance to Misinformation – 2023-2025
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