ACCESS4All – Awareness and Capacity building for ChangEs in policy SchemeS for disability towards incLusive societies – 2020-2022

The objective of ACCESS4All was the integration of the concept of accessibility in the city through a series of deliverables and actions, involving the training of responsible institutions in matters relating to disability and accessibility, but also information and awareness raising of the general public. Through the project, we aimed at equal access for all to more employment opportunities and active participation of people with disabilities in cultural and social life.


  • Shaping an integrated asynchronous educational material on city accessibility that will be available on an e-learning platform.
  • Creating a tool for evaluating accessibility policies as well as a guide for good practices and policies.


Funding programme: € 24.146 Erasmus+ programme of the European Union



IO1 – The Awareness and Capacity Building ACCESS4All Courses

ACCESS4ALL – The Best Practices and Policy Book

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