Together – TOwards a cultural understandinG of thE οΤΗΕR – 2020-2022

The project Together was born of the need to create and disseminate know-how about intercultural dialogue between EU countries and non-European countries. Intercultural dialogue is based on shared values emerging from the cultural heritage of different countries and has the potential to strengthen the sustainable development of local communities.


  • Transnational cooperation of partners between EU countries but also beyond European territory.
  • Contribution to the integration of intercultural dialogue in the cultural development of local communities.
  • Training of representatives of local actors and bodies to become “ambassadors” of intercultural dialogue.
  • Develop original educational processes using digital tools.


Funding programme: € 49.690 Erasmus+ programme of the European Union



IO1 – The Comparative Analysis Report

IO2 – The Ambassadors Curriculum

IO4 – Intercultural Dialogue Guidebook


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