Lazaretta – 2020

Lazaretta was a multi-level project involved in the production and presentation of Greek and international digital culture by reference to the two Lazaretta, of Siros and of Corfu, and inspired by the modern historical moment of the pandemic.

The aim of the project was to highlight the cultural heritage, the importance, and the role of digital culture to give artists an opportunity to create in times of confinement, to stimulate local communities by giving them an active role, to design new cultural pathways through the use of new technologies and set the foundations for international synergies.


Project Lazaretta created two important deliverables:

  • Digital Culture Platform with Digital & Video Art Digital Culture Platform, Screen Dance, Video Dances, and Sound Art projects inspired by the two Lazaretta of Siros and Corfu and focusing on the historical moment of the pandemic.
  • Audio document from selected thoughts, words, suggestions, and sounds of people who lived during the pandemic in confinement.


Funding programme: € 13.000 Ministry of Culture and Sports

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