SUSTCULT – Achieving Sustainability through an integrated approach to the management of cultural heritage – 2011-2014

The SUSTCULT project lasted 3,5 years with the City of Venice as project leader and a view to improving the efficiency of the management of cultural heritage in southeast Europe, particularly inhabited cities such as the Old Town of Corfu on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Among the main objectives of the project was to raise awareness among the general public and the main stakeholders through intensive consultations around the value of southeast Europe’s cultural heritage and its potential for attracting financial resources and sustainable development as well as greater institutional capacity in the management and promotion of cultural heritage.


  • Development of a common methodology for sustainable management of cultural heritage common to all stakeholders.
  • Implementation of the methodology to each monument/location of the UNESCO partner – cities Corfu, Ohrid, Venice, etc.
  • Set up of the local and transnational network of the Southeast Europe Consultative Committees.
  • Operating a geographic information systems platform (WebGIS) for the purpose of mapping/promoting cultural resources.
  • Definition of a sustainable marketing strategy for the specific monuments and cultural resources based on the analyses and business plans of the local market with a view to increasing tourism attractiveness.


Funding programme: € 225.000 European Union – Southeast Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme  (South East Europe – SEE) and the Greek State


Proposals for the update of the Management Plan – Action Plan 2013-2018

The SUSTCULT Methodological Aproach and Experiences

Workplan For The Application Of The Sustcult Methodological Approach


Overview of the Proposals for the Management Plan of the old town in Corfu 2013-2018

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