Corfu Gastronomy Club – 2011-2013

Under the aegis of CulturePolis, the Corfu Gastronomy Club was established through the initiative of Gina Laopodi, founding member of CulturePolis and member of Slow Food who gathered many friends of gastronomy in Corfu. The effort was abandoned in 2014 because many members and friends were unable to participate as a result of the economic crisis and the rest of the fund was donated to the Corfu Municipal Nursing Home.


  • A series of 4 lectures on the Culture of Gastronomy.
  • Series of 6 thematic banquets in Corfu restaurants (To psomi, Oinognosia, etc.).
  • Reviews following secret visits of members of the Corfu Gastronomy Club to restaurants in Corfu were posted in a special column of the newspaper “CORFU TODAY” (Kerkyra Simera).


€ Self-financing

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