Platform For Political Innovation – 2014-2015

The Platform for Political Innovation was a project aimed at strengthening the role and efficiency of civil society in Greece, emphasising the imperative need for innovation in policy-making.


The project included:

  • Comparative research and visualisation of civil rights and the institutional role of civil society in Greece.
  • Civic education programmes in participatory design and participatory leadership.
  • Innovation workshops for the development of participatory decision-making processes at local and national level.
  • Applications and activities to disseminate new knowledge and information about the democratic deficit in Greece and the potential of democratic and cooperative practices in today’s world, an international interdisciplinary meeting on “social and technological innovation for democracy”.
  • A Toolset – open source technology tools for urban interlocking.


Funding programme: € 29.000 Program “We Are All Citizens” of the EEA Grants


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