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CulturePolis is a Civil Society Organisation founded in 2006 in Corfu, Greece, offering tailor-made services for civil society and its stakeholders.

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INFOREADY – Enhancing Adults’ Digital Literacy and Resistance to Misinformation – 2023-2025

The InfoReady project aims at preparing adults to become critical users of online information and empower them to critically evaluate social media and resist disinformation.

ARCH: Bringing Cultural Heritage to the Digital Era; Unifying Past, Present and Future – 2022-2025

ARCH is an intercultural program that aims at the collaboration between organisations and institutions in order to improve students' digital and cultural literacy skills by
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DIALOG CITY – A holistic approach towards a digital cultural infrastructure in European cities – 2022-2025

DIALOG CITY, which is in progress, aims at contributing to increased access to culture through a dialogical approach by developing new practices on how to
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