INNOViMENTOR 2017-2021

INNOViMENTOR aimed at supporting the capacity of tourism SMEs in remote, peripheral and sparsely populated areas to grow in regional, national and international markets and to engage in innovation processes in the tourism sector.

The INNOMENTOR project was a synthesis of research, education, knowledge transfer, innovation, applications, and networking with the involvement of stakeholders and representatives of different levels and sectors.


  • A Creative Tourist Route with 80 unique demonstration points and 8 Location Games.
  • An online book on iOS/Android/Windows available for free download, iCloud Free Access Museum.
  • A demo App setting up a community model, turning visitors to reputation-site creators.
  • Set up a Business Network and a Tourism-Culture Roving Business School.

Two surveys were carried out under the INNOVIMENTOR project:

  • A survey researching the needs and skills required to engage in entrepreneurial activity by tourism and culture institutions at local level – SUPPLY.
  • Demand-side satisfaction survey at local level in Corfu – DEMAND.


  • The final deliverables of the project were based on the findings in each country.
  • The results were published online.


Funding programme: € 173.642 INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean programme of the European Union and National Resources of the Participating Countries



411 years, 11 months and 11 days” (2020) FREE DOWNLOAD


Web-based version: CORFU

“Queen of the Seas. In the midst of the Empire” (2021) FREE DOWNLOAD


Web-based version: CHIOS


Satisfaction Survey in the project area

Joint Survey to investigate entrepreneurship needs and skills needs of human capital

Joint Survey Summary




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