ForCulture: Culture-Creativity-Cities-Citizens2018-2020

CulturePolis planned a new initiative under the name ForCulture: Culture-Creativity-Cities-Cit­izens focusing on the provision of innovative educational services related to the Cultural and Creative Sector. The ForCulture initiative aimed at providing a wide selection of courses from different disciplines and specialised training combined with exploring new experiences in Greece. In addition, it sought to give the citizens – both local and visitors of the selected regional Greek sites – the chance to communicate with the activities of the ForCulture students for mutual cul­tural enrichment.

The effort had been piloted for a short period of time but was withdrawn due to the pandemic in order to redesign it on a digital basis.


  • Design of an educational organisation for host­ing of creators – Provision of education – training and Incubator services.
  • Development of educational programmes.
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