Echoes – European CulturaI Heritage: Opportunities for citizens’ Engagement and Social Inclusion – 2018-2021

ECHOES was an innovative project with a view to sustainable and as effective as possible cooperation between NGOs and Local Self-Government Organisations from 18 EU countries, creating a network of cooperation to solve common problems such as the social integration of migrants, people with disabilities, young people and more generally vulnerable groups on cultural heritage.

The aim of the project was to collect and disseminate good practices concerning the use of local cultural heritage, to inform and raise awareness on the value of the local cultural heritage and the importance of its protection.

The project related to initiatives related to the Year of European Heritage, aiming to assess its results in the participating countries. Finally, the organisation of a youth counselling and guidance event involving all partners aimed to support and promote initiatives related to local cultural heritage features.


  • 5 Physical meetings of the partners and 1 online – presentations of research results, good practices, and campaigns.
  • Conducting the campaign “My Culture, My Future, My Europe,” consisting of 2 parts:
    • a) Tell Your Story! gathering stories of young people as part of the intangible cultural heritage of their place.
    • b) Europe, Heritage, Startup! where young people were invited to submit ideas for the exploitation of sites related to their city’s local cultural identity.
  • Establishment of a group of experts.
  • Support for start-ups transnationally through a joint event of an advisory nature involving all the countries in Munich, Germany.
  • Exchange of good practices.


Funding programme: € 2.450 Europe for Citizens of the European Union

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