Cultural Organisations Collaboration Network – 2008-2012

This is a redevelopment of the “Get Culturally Connected” initiative in conjunction with the attempt at that time to create Cultural Antennas for its expansion in various regions of Greece with a view to creating a “Cultural Organisations Col­laboration Network’’ to seek cooperation, etc. Its aim was the general networking between cul­tural and social actors.


  • Special events were held in cities such as Pre­veza, Arta, Nafpaktos, Pirgos, and Athens, but also abroad in Lecce (Italy), Sarandë (Albania), in con­junction with the establishment of local Cultural Antennas.
  • In the next stage, it was proposed to the Minis­try of Culture and Sport to extend it to a Greek-wide action under the title “Greeks Get Culturally Connected”. Similarly, a proposal to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs was made for its adoption by the worldwide Greek diaspora, proposals which were not followed up.


€ Self-financing

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