1st Conference of Intercultural Dialogue in the Adriatic-Ionian – 2008

In the context of the 2008 celebrations as the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue by the European Union and as the Year of Multilingualism by the UN, the 1st Conference of Intercultural Dialogue in the Adriatic – Ionian, together with the European Parliament’s Offices for Greece, Italy and Slovenia, was co-organised in Corfu on 27-28 June 2008. The aim of the Conference was to promote dialogue between representatives from all Adriatic-Ionian countries to discuss the challenges of interculturalism, with a view to improving cultural cooperation and better understanding among citizens of the region.


  • Submission of proposals to promote intercultural dialogue in the Adriatic-Ionian region with the contribution of the European Parliament.
  • At the end of the Conference’s work, the participants signed the “Declaration of Intercultural Dialogue in Corfu,” a document containing not only the conclusions of the conference but also reflections on further actions in the Adriatic and Ionian region as well as the views of the conference participants on intercultural dialogue in the region of Europe.


Funding programme: € 10,000 European Parliament, Ministry of Development / Tourism


Corfu Declaration on cooperation for Intercultural Dialogue.docx

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