Spaces – Creating Spaces for Creativity – 2021-2023

Spaces was an innovative 24-month project that aimed at supporting the development of creativity by contributing to the creation of a friendly space for the development of creative thinking skills and rapid adaptation of pupils and teachers/educators through the exchange of experience and good practices.


The project provided for the development of educational and supervisory material/manuals in three axes:

  • How to learn creatively? – Manual for secondary education students.
  • How to teach creatively? – Manual for teachers.
  • How to create creative space? – Teaching materials, recommendation.


Funding programme: € 37.270 Erasmus+ programme of the European Union



IO1 – How to Learn Creatively? – Students Handbook

IO2 – Creativity at School – Tips for Teachers

How To Create School Spaces That Foster Creative Thinking? – Handbook For Educators

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