One thousand and one… gatherings – 2021

The project of CulturePolis “One thousand and one… gatherings” was being implemented in 2021 with emphasis on the newest writing work of Greece’s intellectual people. It sought to unravel the panorama of modern Greek culture, calling for dialogue between the Greek and the Arab-speaking audiences through a series of actions and events.

The aim of the project was to promote the image and thinking of today’s Greece to the exterior, to present a representative sample of the work of modern Greek writers in the Arab world and to “reintroduce them” into Greek society, thus encouraging philanagnosia.


  • Three meetings were planned under the project with 12 contemporary Greek authors/creators with the following themes:
    • “A City through a Narrative”
    • “Hosting the Other in our Narratives”
    • “Historical and cultural pathways of modern Greek Prose in the Mediterranean”
  • In addition, authors/creators and their works were promoted through targeted communication actions, and a special edition was issued in Greek and Arabic language with the minutes of the 3 meetings of the project.


Funding programme: € 5.000 Ministry of Culture and Sport and self-financing

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