Digital tools


INFOREADY – Enhancing Adults’ Digital Literacy and Resistance to Misinformation – 2023-2025 -

Mobile application to tackle disinformation and fake news based on the DigiComp Framework – due in 2024


ARCH: Bringing Cultural Heritage to the Digital Era; Unifying Past, Present and Future 2022-2025 -

Application for mobile devices of digital browsing platform and presentation of information of cultural points ofinterest – due in 2024


Together – TOwards a cultural understandinG of thE οΤΗΕR – 2020-2022 -

The TOGETHER e-Toolbox, including the online project platform, e-learning courses and the mobile application –




INFOREADY – Enhancing Adults’ Digital Literacy and Resistance to Misinformation – 2023-2025 -

Multilingual online interactive learning Platform for the gamified designs – due in 2024


DIALOG CITY – A holistic approach towards a digital cultural infrastructure in European cities 2022-2025 -

Data Analysis Platform for citizens’ and artists’ digital transformation needs – due in 2024

Citizen Archive Platform for the Cultural Heritage Sector – due in 2024


METAYOUTH – Aligning youth, parents and teachers for resilient participation in Metaverses – 2022-2024 -

An online platform that will host the toolkit and the curriculum regarding Metaverse – due in 2024


READ-IN-CLUB – READ-INg for CuLtUres across Borders – 2021-2023 -

Online Platform resulting to the development of a digital reading club environment enabling “Lit.Mentors” to implement their acquired skills and competences and interact digitally with the members of their reading community by using virtual tools, lessening the limits of social distancing and broadening the positive impact of the project to the globe. -


ENVISION – Culture and Creativity Sectors’ Entrepreneurship Empowerment in the Digital Era – 2021 – 2022-

Digital Platform for stakeholders in the cultural and creative sector –


Together – TOwards a cultural understandinG of thE οΤΗΕR – 2020-2022 -

E-learning Platform -


Lazaretta – 2020

Digital Culture Platform with Digital & Video Art Digital Culture Platform, Screen Dance, Video Dances, and Sound Art projects inspired by the two Lazaretta of Siros and Corfu and focusing on the historical moment of the pandemic.-


OHAS – Opening Heritage and Archeological Sites for People with Special Needs – 2018-2021

International Internet Platform of accessible museums and other cultural institutions in partner countries – inactive


INNOViMENTOR  2017-2021

Knowledge Exchange Platform – inactive


CAI – Citizen Artist Incubator – 2015-2017

Virtual Incubation Platform for Artists in Incubation Camps – inactive


Platform For Political Innovation – 2014-2015

Open Platform for urban interlocking – inactive


SUSTCULT – Achieving Sustainability through an integrated approach to the management of cultural heritage – 2011-2014

Web-GIS Platform for UNESCO sites managers – inactive


Initiative “Get Culturally Connected” – 2008-2010

Online Platform for Cultural Associations – inactive