CulturePolis is about to start a new campaing searching for volunteers. Stay tuned!

We would like to thank our former volunteers for their trust, offer and for focusing treir time on CulturePolis.

Volunteers 2011-2016

Iason Katsenis &

Thanasis Kypriotis

Students at the Ionian University’s History Department, 2015-6

The two volunteers with the organization’s president in Istanbul, Dec. 2015

Dimitris Amvratzis

Translation Manager dimitris

Graduated from the School of Plastic Art and Art Sciences of University of Ioannina, Greece on 2009.  In Greece he worked as a photographer in Ioannina and Larissa (wedding and social event photography).

Ηe was in charge of the Art department (exhibition presentation, news, interviews, columnist) for the online cultural magazine Artfools.gr. Also, he was a member of the Organizational Committee of the Artfools Short Film Festival for 2008 and 2009.

Organized the “Crazy Creations” art show on 2009 in Larissa, Greece, about the artistic influence of the 2008 riots.

Along with the Photography Club of Larissa, he organized the Modern Greek Photography Festival in Larissa on February 2011. The speakers were Kostas Ioannidis, EleniMouzakiti and FotiniPapahatzi.

He is a freelance photographer in London (live show and events photographer, circus photography and artist’s portfolios), in charge of the photography department for the Aircraft Circus, assistant and co-host to the photography group Photo-Graph and volunteer translator for TED.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2006 Starbucks Coffee Larissa, Greece ,“My View of the City”

Group exhibitions

  • 2005 Ioannina Municipal Art Gallery Ioannina, Greece Graduates exhibition, University of Ioannina
  • 2007 Larissa Photography Club Larissa, Greece “Summer”
  • 2007 Arta School of Traditional Music Arta, Greece “Music”
  • 2008 Diavlos Photography Club Volos, Greece Graduates Exhibition
  • 2009 Ahouri Gallery, Larissa, Greece “Crazy Creations”
  • 2009 Larissa Photography Club, Greece “Photo of the Day”
  • 2010 Bazaar Cafe, Greek Bookcrossing Convention, Thessaloniki, Greece “Book and the Urban Landscape”
  • 2011-12  2407 Mountain Activities, Kardamili, Greece “Bicycle Planet”

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