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The CulturePolis as part of its activities published various studies and survey results and other electronic versions, which inform all members, partners and friends via distributIng a freeNewsletter in Greek and the electronic quarterly publication in English: International newsletter CulturePolis, EN.

In order to all those interested in the studies and our publicationsbe benefited , in 2017 CulturePolis starts creating a service Subscriber Studies and Special Publications of CulturePolis, in which can be registered as local authorities, public bodies, chambers and individual enterprises and institutions and cultural institutions as well as individuals, who wish to receive reserved and priority to studies and publications on an annual basis.

Details for Subscribers Studies subscribers campaign and Special Publications of CulturePolis will be announced soon – to stay abreast of developments subscribe to Newsletter CulturePolis: here

Publications produced by Research Initiatives

Publications from the action “Cultural Strategy Research Greek Cities” – 2016
(R) Research Results Phase A, May 2016

(R) Survey Results Second-final phase, in December 2016

Project “Innovation Policy Platform” (2014 – 2015)
Electronic toolkit for citizens and stakeholders consultations, 2015, EL-EN

Project SUSTCULT / SEE (2011-2014)
—- (E) Methodology “Sustainable Heritage Management” – 2011 EN

Developed in 2011-12 and implemented in Corfu and all the cities of partners such as Venice, Ohrid, Berat, Nova Gkoritza and country areas in Hungary and Romania.

—- Online research for the VISION of the inhabitants of Corfu Old Town Campaign “adopt!” – 2013, EL

—- (E) Updated proposals for Management / Action Plan 2013-2018, the Old Town of Corfu, UNESCO Monument, 2013-4, EL-EN

working papers – conference – Declarations

Conference Intercultural Dialogue “The West Meets East” – (2009 – 2011)
1st Arab World Festival of Corfu, organized from 1-6 April 2011 by the NGO CulturePolis under the EU project “Culture 2007-2013” “-Politistiki West-Eastern Meeting” Intercultural Dialogue Festival.

Two days (3-4 April) International Conference on “The Journey: From Homer’s Odyssey in Sinbad the Thallassino”. with significant presences as the Ambassador of Tunisia in Greece, the Cultural Attache of the Embassy of Egypt, Arab university professors, the Foundation Anna Lindh, the Museum of Islamic Art / Benaki etc.

Arab World Festival, Corfu, 1-6 April 2011, practical, EN / Proposals for permanent Euromed conference

Jul Congress Diapolitismkou Dialogue Adriatic – Ionian June 2008
Declaration of Corfu, 2008, EL-EN

Indicative references:
1. International Meeting “Cultural Identities and European Citizenship”, Corfu, 21 July 2006

Proceedings Conference: Speeches by Founder & President B. Laopodis, President Mark Dubrulle Mr. Organization mother, representatives of the Greek Ministry. Tourism, the Chambers Forum Adriatic & Ionian international cultural organizations such as: Fondazione Pistoletto (It), Chambre des Beaux Arts (Fr), Ministry of Culture of Brazil (Br)

Cultural Identities and Cultural Cooperation
Suggestions and keimenaproanatolismou for Cultural Antennas, Kingdom Laopodis (Preveza Speech) see.

Register of Cultural Institutions Corfu – Ionian / “Go ..Cultural”, 2008 – 2010
Under the project funded by the Ministry. Work created in collaboration with the Prefecture of Corfu online collaboration platform for cultural institutions and for other creative companies with hosting (a) cultural institutions websites (b) calendars of events and (c) the overall networking inviting each cultural institution or informal organization, culture creator, civil society organizations, etc. free and simple way to join the Cultural Organisations Collaboration Network. The platform “Go … Cultural» offers services by 2010 so abandoned due to non-reporting by clubs!

In this context, there have been many seminars / workshops in the following cities: Preveza, Arta, Zakynthos, Tower, Paxos, Ag. Saranda (Albania), Nafpaktos – see. More on Anniversary Edition 2006-2016: 10 years CulturePolis

Surveys opinion-polls
Desk opinion surveys in the Forum regarding issues of concern at national, regional and local level.

Research SUSTCULT 2013 – questionnaires to Corfu bodies: see. here
Research on Cultural programs candidates (elections 2006): see. here

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