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Countrywide Survey  “Cultural Strategy of Greek Cities” 

In 2016, in celebration of its 10-year anniversary, CulturePolis organized in 2016 an important survey on the cultural strategy of the Greek cities / municipalities. In this survey, CulturePolis cooperated with the Hellenic Association of Secretaries General of Greek Municipalities “Kleisthenes” in order to benefit as many municipalities as possible.

The survey’s first phase was completed in May 2016, with a pilot sample of 32 municipalities, with the results presented at the “2nd Forum of Local Government & Entrepreneurship” in Thessaloniki (see more here). The second phase was completed on September 5, 2016 and its results were presented at the commemorative event for the 10th anniversary of CulturePolis in Corfu on September 23rd, 2016. The questionnaire results per question can be found here in pdf format.

On December 22, 2016, the deadline for municipalities’ participation in the survey, over sixty municipalities had responded to the questionnaires. The data and findings resulting from the Survey on the Cultural Strategy of Greek Cities will be exploited under the Culture & Entrepreneurship Observatory, which is designed to offer a consistent set of cultural services and a toolkit. This package will be addressed to a wide range of public and private sector organizations, starting from local authorities.

The full results of the survey were presented at a special conference held under the “3rd Forum and Local Authorities & Entrepreneurship” 7-9 January 2016, in Hilton (Moneyshow).

Questionnaires of the CulturePolis Survey

To participate in the survey, each municipality was invited to complete and submit the following surveys online:

Questionnaire B – RECORDING of characteristics; Research CulturePolis 2016
Targeted Questionnaire 1 – NEEDS of LARGE / MEDIUM MUNICIPALITIES
(More than 10,000 citizens)

Targeted Questionnaire 2 – NEEDS of SMALL-ISLAND MUNICIPALITIES (less than 10,000 citizens)

The CulturePolis Survey Team is at your disposal for any clarification and assistance in filling out questionnaires.

Tel.: 210 38 00 750 & 215 56 00 440 / Email: και

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