The promotion of EUROTHENTICA-ΤRIPinVIEW continues

The promotion of  EUROTHENTICA-ΤRIPinVIEW continues

With regard the different  events of the “2018 EU-China Tourism Year” initiative –, we continue the efforts of promoting the cooperation between CulturePolis and GEOTAG Aeroview SA, which aims at enriching and expanding the TripinView platform with heritage sites adjacent to the Mediterranean coastline and later also in inner parts of countries, applying on the EUROTHENTICA trilogy approach. Read more

This approach was presented for the first time on 19/10/2017 in Brussels at a COSME event ( and was followed by a proposal for funding under the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year through the European Commission and the European Tourism Council and other organizations. At the same time the proposal was promoted to various events such as (a) EU Tourism Day on 28/11/2017 in Brussels and (b) at the Business Tourism Excellence Meeting, Treasures of Greek Tourism 2017 on 7 December 2017 under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, SETE, the Greek Chamber of Commerce and FEDHATTA. Treasures of Greek Tourism 2017.

Photo from the award of Mr Achilles CHatzinikos for the platform AEROVIEWER/ TRIPinVIEW .

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