What is Grow?

GROW Observatory targets thousands of cultivators, scientists and people passionate about soil and land across Europe. Together we intend:

– create a pan-European growers’ community

– discover the secrets of the soil

– use simple tools to manage it more effectively

– to contribute to its protection and scientific monitoring.


If you are interested in improving soil quality, developing more nutritious crops, learning about sustainable cultivation practices then GROW is for you. You can visit GROW webpage and subscribe to the Newsletter to get updates on what’s next.


Latest News

August 2017

The first GROW experiment: Does mulching improve your soil?

The GROW Experiments start this August with a look at the impacts of mulching (adding compost to the top of the soil) on key soil properties.  This is a new kind of citizen science, where you don’t just provide key data to answer scientific questions, but also become a citizen scientist yourself by exploring these questions in your own growing space.

You will be given full instructions, support via a dedicated Experiments Forum, and your own personal recording and results form, which will do calculations and give you instant results and personalised information about your soils.

Do you want to know how your actions can influence the soils in your own growing space?
Do you want to join an active learning community to help answer key questions about sustainable growing practices on a large scale?
Do you want to learn how to measure important soil properties like biological activity, soil moisture, and stability?
If so, then the GROW Experiments are for you!  Sign up now

May 2017

CulturePolis participated in Karditsa for the ERGS 2017 (European Rural Sustainability Gathering). Cultivators, farmers, community representatives and local development agencies from across Europe exchanged ideas and good practices on social economy, rural cooperatives, networks and innovative citizens’ initiatives that are being developed in the European and Greek countryside amid the economic crisis.

The collaborators of Culture Polis, Mr. Pavlos Georgiadis (photo) and Mr. Nikos Vrantsis, together with Oliver Moore from Cultivate presented the GROW OBSERVATORY at the meeting organised by Forum Synergies, an international network focused on building bridges of communication and collaboration between citizens and organisations that develop Sustainable practices across Europe.

During the meeting, Mr. Georgiadis referred to the gap between urban and rural populations and proposed a socially supported agriculture and the diffusion of economical technologic tools for the development of sustainable agro-food communities as some of the solutions that can be given to the multiple crises facing the country.

At the same meeting a demonstration of the FLOWER POWER sensor was made, which will allow growers participating in the GROW OBSERVATORY to receive data on their territory.

During and after the meeting, the team exchanged ideas with innovative growers, circulated stories and testimonials and mapped concerns and ideas. All this will be published next year on the GROW OBSERVATORY website and blog.

If you are interested in improving soil quality, developing more nutritious crops and learning sustainable cultivation practices then GROW will be a valuable source of information for you. You can visit the GROW page and subscribe to the Newsletter to get updates on what’s next.

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