Citizen Artist Incubator (Creative Europe)

Citizen Artist Incubator (Creative Europe)

What is Cai?

This work builds on the “Citizen Artist” phenomenon (Aspen Institute / June 2013), which describes artists – who have recently begun to explore innovative ways of using their art to maximize the impact of reform and the ” Viewers / listeners. “During the implementation of the project, the hosting, training and guidance of 30 artists of various specialties from around the world are planned for in Incubation Camps. (2) camps of the twenty (20) artists each for a period of 4 weeks and a specific scientific and creative program carried out by both Greek and foreign partners of the project, as well as re-adolescents. The two Incubation Camps took place in Austria as follows:

1 st April 2016 in Laxenburg, Vienna (first photo) and 2 July 2017 in Tabaksfabrik, Linz and at the end of each show a demonstration of the Creative ideas developed by artists during their stay.

Latest News

July 2017
The second Incubation camp in Tabaksfabrik, Linz, was successfully completed. The participants were very active and ambitious, they actively participated in the process of learning and undertook to create a short text that defines the phenomenon of artist-citizen. This text is titled “Proposal for a Manifesto of Artists” which we quote. (Translation by  Skopeliti Lito, participant in the 2nd citizen artist incubator)

Linz- manifesto for Citizen Artists

  1. We, as citizen artists, create projects, situations, processes and outcomes that place importance on both artistic and social connections. This dual commitment to both the artistic and social fields underpins our artistic our artistic citizenship work
  2. We, artistic citizens, are creating a new cultural landscape for the future. This manifesto is for artists who oppose elitist and hierarchical social structures. Our values are equality, diversity, human rights, sustainability and tolerance.
  3. In researching and making projects we recognize that our work is situated within complex social structure. We acknowledge these in the content or conditions of production and presentation of our work.
  4.  Citizen Artists’ projects are not defined by specific forms. Approaches such as site specificity, participation, or collaboration with other groups or individuals are often but not always features of our practice.
  5. We will either bring social diversity to cultural institutions or move artistic projects out of the institutions into the social sphere. Publicly funded art and culture must not be restricted to a privileged audience.
  6. A citizen artist actively works to develop new audiences and relate to diverse groups. Engagement with vulnerable groups should borrow from ethical frameworks developed in sociology, social work, anthropology, practical experience and the expressed wishes of the community. Participants in citizen artworks should be supported to represent themselves.
  7. As citizens artists we engage seriously with both artistic and ethical critiques of our work as an essential part of our practice.

December 2016

Citizen Artist Incubator, co-funded by  Creative Europe program and exploring the role of artists in society, has decided to implement the 2nd CAI incubation camp in Linz, Austria Between July 2 – 25, 2017 with the participation of 17 artists.
Participants will be selected by decision of the relevant board, between 100+ applications submitted in January.
It was also decided at the end of the camp to organize the final conference of the CAI project also in Linz in co-operation with the international conference in late July
More about the project and the results of the 1st camp 2-28 September 2016 on the project website: & CulturePolis site.

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