Our identity


“CulturePolis” is a Non Profit Organization (NGO) which operates mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, having as its main aim – through research, analysis, debate and dialogue and throughout targeted actions, to contribute to information and public awareness on issues concerning:

(a) culture and arts, in the broadest sense

(b) intercultural dialogue and the emergence of different cultural identities in any place

(c) sustainability in all its manifestations

(d) promoting innovative approaches and new technologies mainly in applications as well as culture and tourism

(e) creative economy and entrepreneurship

CulturePolis Operational Framework

The organization’s operation is in accordance with the provisions of Art. 741 of Civil Code and in accordance with the rules governing the operation of Civil Society Organizations – CSO.

CulturePolis’ actions are independent to any stakeholders that relate in any way with the public sector or local authorities (LAs) of any level, and does not relate to any private profitable organization of any form. Additionally, no commercial activity, relation or participation in profitable activities is foreseen for CulturePolis, except any possible participation in Cooperative Social Enterprises (of integration, social care, public and productive purposes).

CulturePolis develops its own activities but also puts weight on creating synergies between initiatives and programs of other stakeholders, which have distinct roles with corresponding obligations, duties and rights to everyone. For this purpose, CulturePolis promotes cooperation between citizens and self – administrative, governmental, scientific, political, cultural stakeholders social groups, organizations  and institutions with  private sector, in order to strengthen their ties with other major exponents cultures and societies around the world , with emphasis on South- East Europe and the wider region covering the entire Euro- Mediterranean area . For this synergy, an important role is being held and played by the different networks operating in the same area, such as the Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Universities etc.

In this context, during the last years, CulturePolis has expanded both in terms of geography, acting beyond the Adriatic -Ionian and other countries and cities in neighboring countries in South – Eastern Europe , the Balkans and the Mediterranean, as well as, thematically by implementing significant projects and initiatives within the framework of programs of the EU ( Youth in Action , Culture 2007-13 , Transnational Territorial Cooperation Programmes as SEE, IPA Adriatic, ENPI CBC Med, Euro-Mediterranean Programme etc. ).

Further details about the course of the organization since its establishment as a “Europe of Cultures Forum: Adriatic –Ionian”, from 2006 to 2013, can be found at: Ιστορικό ίδρυσης ΜΚΟ 2006-2013

NB: Following the amendment of the statute of our NGO on 12/09/2013, the organization has been restructured and this reflects to the changes on our website “culturepolis.org” ( updated on 01/01/2014 ). All the previous content of the website, since the establishment of the organization (5.6.2006 ) until 31.12.2013,  for historical reasons and for purposes of transparency and audits can be found at: Image Culturepolis.org 31.12.2013

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