Nikos Papadimitriou brand new book : Postmodern Requiem

Nikos Papadimitriou brand new book : Postmodern Requiem

We are please to inform you about the brand new publication of the new book of our friend and associate, Dr. Nikos Papadimitriou, Ionian University,

title: Postmodern Requiem: Topics of European Philosophy, Art and Politics in the 21st Century

Publisher: Gutenberg, Catalog code: 9552163, ISBN: 978-960-01-1854-4, 1st edition, April 2017


Requiem is not proposed here as a mournful finding, but as the confirmation of the end of Modernity through its historical integration and the incidentally experience of old age. A number of questions, and the suggested answers, define the writing path:
What are the political elites today? Which orientation? What exactly replaced the modern myths , which have replaced the religious of the Middle Ages of the past? Where has the world been “abolished”? The modern man, whether he has cast out dark links of religion, obsessions of racial superiority and national vanity judgments? Did the positives (Saint Simon, Comte, Mill, Condorcet) be justified by the “progress” made, or the Marxists for the so-called “classless society”? Is humankind universal or simply globalized? How is the barbarity of terrorism explained? As a return to the Middle Ages or as a realization of a bleak future? Why, in the end, did not the world be deported? What is the end of art?
(With references to contemporary texts and views by Hobsbawm, Derrida, Touraine, Habermas, as well as art and politics thoughts by Arthur C. Danto, Bruno Latour, John Gray, Eric Hazan and Deyan Sudjic.)


Preface || Introduction || The degradation of the form in art through the “epistemological” approach and the “inner” necessity || The deconstruction of politics as the art of compromise. Integration and “lasting” Revolution || The degradation of the ego in a globalized society. Necessity or loss? || The experiential experience of the ephemeral, as a degradation of the linear time || The decline of political parties. New Collectives and Old Claims || “Failed states” in the Middle East and “Arab Spring” || Was modernity necessary? Capable; Have we ever (really) been fashionable? || Texts of European philosophy, art and politics in the 21st century. Thoughts, references, highlights || Epilogue || Annex I || Annex II || Bibliography-Sources.

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