Culture & Entrepreneurship Observatory

An Expert Working Group is preparing the organizational framework and action plan for the “Observatory of Culture and Entrepreneurship” of CulturePolis (CP). On the occasion of the selection of the European Cultural Capital 2021 and in cooperation with the Association of Secretaries General of Municipalities “Kleisthenes”, CulturePolis organized in the spring of 2016 the first “Survey of the Cultural Strategy of Greek Cities” of all the country’s municipalities. The first results of this research were presented at the event for 10 year anniversary of CP (23 September 2016 at the Ionian Academy in Corfu) and have since been enriched, marking the starting point for the creation of an International Centre of Culture & Entrepreneurship and related actions. The Working Group for the CP Observatory is also preparing, in addition to the integrated action plan, specific initiatives and immediate implementation activities such as awards to cultural pioneer municipalities, proposals for the establishment of incubators for startups from the cultural and creative industries in various parts the country, etc. In this context, CulturePolis remains available to – and invites – new partnerships with all stakeholders (e.g. Ministries of Culture and / or Home Affairs, Regions, KEDE, EETAA and others for local government) and / or qualified institutions (e.g. universities, technical institutions, cultural organizations, etc.). These collaborations in a wide range of activities, and the interconnection with corresponding European and / or international bodies will contribute to the emergence of a point of reference for cultural activities of local authorities and other organizations in Greece. CulturePolis Observatory Working Group: Tel. 210 38 00 750 & 215 56 00 440

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