Cultural Heritage

This workshop deals with two main issues:
Thematic Unit 1: Sustainable Heritage Management

SUSTCULT methodology

Intervention of the President of CulturePolis in the debate on the European Capital of Culture 2021

“How Corfu could be European Capital of Culture 2021 and what it’s missing.”

by Vasileios Laopodis, President of CulturePolis

Comments and suggestions in response to the article by C. Katsaitis

“Why was Corfu not declared European Capital of Culure 2021? What did it lack and why was it ingloriously eliminated from the…qualifiers?”


This article comments on the decision of the EU to choose Elefsina as European Capital of Culture 2021 and mainly focuses on key findings on what Corfu is missing to become a serious contender for European Capital of Culture.

The article’s conclusion is reflected in the following paragraph:

“…No thorough analysis is needed for someone to conclude in good faith that in order for Corfu to become and remain a capital of culture, there must be a constant/incessant movement to overcome the present stasis with the goal of quickly leading to a general consensus about the VISION which we, as a society, will set, the STRATEGY for achieving it (and keeping it alive) and which will simultaneously allow for the dignified economic and social development of the region and of Corfu’s resident. Lastly, it is necessary to design and implement the required POLICIES and ACTIONS.”

The full article covered 2 pages of the newspaper Kathimerini Enimerwsi on the 16th & 17th of November, 2016 and has been published here.

Thematic Unit 2 : New technologies in culture

Cooperation Network of Cultural Organizations “Network…Culturally”, 2008-2010


Corfu Tour Guide by CulturePolis



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