Arts and Cultural Policy

Thematic Unit 1: Cultural Policies, Relations, and Diplomacy

Frame of reference

In 2016 on the occasion of the organization’s 10th anniversary, which was celebrated on September 23th, 2016 in Corfu, CulturePolis started a series of initiatives towards the study of new trends and of European / international initiatives, the framework of which is outlined in the European Commission Communication: “Towards an EU strategy for international cultural relations.

During the same period in late 2016, the city of Elefsina was chosen as European Capital of Culture 2021 among 14 candidate cities, with Kalamata and Rhodes also shortlisted. See more at:

Inspired by the two aforementioned initiatives, CulturePolis proceeded to elaborate two major actions, believing in the combining activities in the broader sector of cultural policy, derived both from above (top-down) and from below (bottom-up):

A) conducted a nationwide survey of the Cultural Strategy of Greek cities, see below.

B) laid the foundations for the creation of a Culture & Entrepreneurship Observatory to support cultural issues at national, regional and local level. CulturePolis will soon announce the Observatory’s operational specifications and first actions for 2017.


Thematic Unit 2 : Cultural Policy of Local Authorities & Organizations

A brief summary of the results presented as part of the anniversary event for the organization’s 10 year anniversary Corfu this past September is available here

Countrywide Survey  “Cultural Strategy of Greek Cities” 

In 2016, in celebration of its 10-year anniversary, CulturePolis organized in 2016 an important survey on the cultural strategy of the Greek cities / municipalities. In this survey, CulturePolis cooperated with the Hellenic Association of Secretaries General of Greek Municipalities “Kleisthenes” in order to benefit as many municipalities as possible.

The survey’s first phase was completed in May 2016, with a pilot sample of 32 municipalities, with the results presented at the “2nd Forum of Local Government & Entrepreneurship” in Thessaloniki (see more here). The second phase was completed on September 5, 2016 and its results were presented at the commemorative event for the 10th anniversary of CulturePolis in Corfu on September 23rd, 2016. The questionnaire results per question were send to the participating municipalities.

On December 22, 2016, the deadline for municipalities’ participation in the survey, over sixty municipalities had responded to the questionnaires. The data and findings resulting from the Survey on the Cultural Strategy of Greek Cities will be exploited under the Culture & Entrepreneurship Observatory, which is designed to offer a consistent set of cultural services and a toolkit. This package will be addressed to a wide range of public and private sector organizations, starting from local authorities.

The full results of the survey were presented at a special conference held under the “3rd Forum and Local Authorities & Entrepreneurship” 7-9 January 2016, in Hilton (Moneyshow).

For more information read here


The CulturePolis Survey Team is at your disposal for any clarification and assistance in filling out questionnaires.

Tel.: 210 38 00 750 & 215 56 00 440 / Email: και

Thematic Unit 3 : Artistic and cultural initiatives & projects

During its 10 years of activity, CulturePolis has been involved in important initiatives and project in the cultural sector, like the following:

1st Conference for Intercultural Dialogue of Adriatic – Ionian

Corfu 27-28 June 2008





CULT LINK – arts and crafts, a gateway to dialogue and diversity

Damascus, Syria 2008


SUSTCULT: Achieving sustainability through an integrated approach to cultural heritage management”, 2011-2014








1st Arabian World’s Festival

Corfu, 1 – 6 April 2011



Man – Art – Environment, Preveza 2008




Cultural Meetings at the Fortress – Corfu 2009 – 2010


Citizen Artist Incubator

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