CulturePolis Laboratories

In 2006, CulturePolis introduced a new management structure with the creation of several “Laboratories”. These specialized organizational structures are able to act with autonomy, while remaining under the supervision of the administration of the private non profit company and with the scientific support of the Advisory Committee.

The “Laboratories” work as informal operational and possibly business units under the umbrella of the organization (business within the business), which includes all personnel, external experts and CulturePolis volunteers.

It is a dynamic form of organization that started experimentally in 2016 with a set number of laboratories, which may over time be dissolved or merged with others while others are created in light of new developments and needs.

Four broad thematic cycles were created : Arts and Culture – Sustainability and Environment – Policy and Social Innovation – Regional Development, with several pilot laboratories created within each thematic cycle (see chart below).


Thematic Cycle : Arts & Culture

Laboratory 1 : Arts and Cultural Policy

This lab tackles the following main topics :

Thematic Unit 1: Cultural Policies, Relations and Diplomacy

  • Culture & Entreteneurship Observatory

Thematic Unit 2: Cultural Strategy of Local Authorities & organizations

  • Survey of the Cultural Strategy of Greek Cities

Thematic Unit 3: Artists and cultural initiatives & projects

  • Citizen Artist Incubator – Creative Europe

Proposals undergoing evaluation

  • Meta-Ιncubation Scheme for artists and cultural professionals – CULTPRO – Creative Europe, Call 2016

Relevant actions

  • European Music Day, 21 June

Laboratory 2 : Cultural Heritage

This lab mainly deals with two issues :

Thematic Unit 1: Sustainable Heritage Management


Thematic Unit 2: New technologies in culture / cultural toursim


 Laboratory 3 : Cultural Economy and Entrepreneurship

 This lab mainly deals with two issues :

Thematic Unit 1: Cultural and Creative Industries

  • ΠΔΒ Incubator
  • Proposals Ionian Islands R.O.P. -2014-2020 ΙΝ Incubator : Pilot project with  «7 Τεχνών Τόπος»

Interreg proposals under evaluation

  • Greece-Albania Incubation Link (GRALINC) {Greece-Albania}
  • Incubation Business Cluster -GRITAL-BIC {Greece- Italy}

Thematic Unit 2: Cultural Tourism

  • Innovitour {Greece-Bulgaria}

Interreg Proposals under evaluation

  • INNOVIMENTOR (BalkanMed)
  • JUMP {Greece- Italy}
  • SMARTIMONY {Greece- Italy}

Thematic Cycle : Sustainability & Environment

Laboratory 4 : Agrifood, Biodiversity, Gastronomy

This lab mainly tackles three themes :

Thematic Unit 1: Agrifood and Biodiversity


Interreg Proposals under Evaluation

  • Farmers Entrepreneurship Observatory  – F.E.O { Greece-Italy}

Thematic Unit 2: Gastronomy

  • VeniVidiComedi: Cooking for Europe {ERASMUS +}-ολοκληρώθηκε 2016

Thematic Unit 2: Natural Heritage – Environment

Interreg proposals under evaluation

  • SOS Coasts { Greece-Italy}

 Thematic Cycle: Social & Political Innovation

Laboratory 5 : Political Innovation

This laboratory deals with three main themes:

Thematic Unit 1: · Society – Citizens – Youth

  • Platform for Political Innovation {EEA Grants} – completed in 2015
  • “Politeia” (Republic) 2.0

Thematic Unit 2: Education – Training


  • PPI for KIDS (ERASMUS +)

Thematic Unit 3: Employment – Social Innovation

  • JOYNEET (Europe for Citizens) – completed in 2016


  • JOYNEET2: The future of social inclusion in Europe {Europe for Citizens 2017}

Thematic Cycle: Regional Development

Laboratory 6 : Programmes – Policies – Coastal Tourism

This lab mainly deals with three themes:

Thematic Unit 1: Policies and Programmes

Thematic Unit 2: Interreg cooperation projects

Thematic Unit 3: Coastal – marine tourism, ODYSSEA label certification

Interreg proposals under evaluation

  • AdrionLinks (Adrion)
  • Natural & Cultural  Routes – GRIT-Routes (Interreg Greece-Italy)

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