CulturePolis’ participation at the European Creative Hubs Campus in Brussels

CulturePolis’ participation at the European Creative Hubs Campus in Brussels

The European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) final conference took place in Brussels from 24th to 26th January 2018; this was a successful two-year long project co-funded by the Creative Europe program.

The aim of the program was to highlight the innovative business model of Creative Hubs across Europe, how they affect the ecosystems that belong to and how their sustainability in the future will be achieved.

The project was led by the British Council and the project partners were BIOS (Greece), betahaus (Germany), Creative Edinburgh (UK), Factoria Cultural (Spain), Kulturni Kod / Nova Iskra (Serbia), Roco (UK) and the European Network of Business and Innovation Centers (EBN). The partners’ activity ranges from the fields of ​​youth unemployment, capacity building and social inclusion to cooperation between entrepreneurship and creativity.

This project is a highly promising initiative with a strong impact. The first barometer of ECH, a study by Bernd Fesel (European Creative Business Network) and Rui Costa Monteiro, highlighted their interdisciplinary nature and their role in supporting organizations and creative professionals: in 2016 the 80 Creative Hubs (CH) which took part in the study supported 8.700 organizations (31.600 people). On average, one CH supports 400 people a year.

Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education & Culture

This work was enthusiastically welcomed by representatives of the European Commission attending the conference. Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education and Culture, was excited with the ECH’s work on 3D printing and coding and stressed that more spaces such as unused / abandoned buildings e.g. industrial heritage should be given for creative incubators/hubs and collaborative spaces because they are the key for social inclusion, the economy, job creation and innovation.

Roxana Apostol, British Council/ Walter Zampieri, EU Commission/ Vassilis  Charalampidis, BIOS

Mr. Walter Zampieri, Head of Unit for Cultural Policy, DG Education and Culture, also agreed and stressed that creativity is the future of economy, society and education and that spaces must be ensured for this purpose. Finally, Mr. Michel Magnier, Director for Culture & Creativity, DG Education and Culture, mentioned among others that culture is at the center of policy interest and that innovation, mobility and values ​​in Europe find their place in the CH. Mrs. Barbara Stacher, member of the European Commission’s DG Education and Culture, played an active role in promoting and developing this new ECHN, contributing also to political-level proposals for its sustainability. On behalf of the European Parliament, Mr. Christian Ehler in his speech stressed that CH should engage more at political level and actively defend their interests. The best way is to measure / assess the impact on the community they belong to and to collect data to support/back up their arguments.

Vassilis Charalampidis,  BIOS Founder

The conference was attended by speakers from all over Europe, representatives of CH and of various other European networks. The policies that they propose for the future are the creation of hybrid management models (CH public buildings management), the involvement of creative professionals with the local community, the creation of a CH evaluation system and the support of these new, diversified, creative communities.

CulturePolis expresses its full support for this new effort and will actively participate in the promotion of corresponding creative business models-hubs in Greece and beyond, and in the dissemination of the results of the CH project to stakeholders /competent authorities. Creative Hubs,  with the Greek pioneer example of BIOS in Athens are an opportunity for emerging creative -and not only- professionals to cooperate, collaborate and find inspiration, new partners and innovative solutions under a shared roof for the ecosystem they belong to while opening a dialogue with their neighborhood.

William Mercer, Co- Founder of Chateau de La Salle/ Barbara Stacher, EU Commission/ Vassilis Sofiadellis, Founder Changemakers Lab/ Konstantina Karameri, Project Manager, CulturePolis

The European Creative Hubs Network numbers around 200 members today. The Network’s non-profit organization has been founded and accepts already new membership applications.

In Union There is Strength

We wish you to become even stronger every passing day.

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