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To register as a member of CulturePolis, please download the application here.

Note: CulturePolis was renamed on 09/13/2013, amending its original name of “Europe of Cultures Forum: Adriatic – Ionian Chapter” which had been in force since 2006.

Under the current statutes only the “Partners” of the private non-profit company are typically considered full “members” and until now the persons/organizations interested in registering as members were classified in a category of temporary members called “Provisional Members”, that grew to include all subscribers, helpers, friends and supporters of the company.

With the adoption of new statutes on 13/09/2013, Provisional members were automatically divided into the two (2)  following categories of membership:

Corporate Members (partners)
Non-corporate members

1st Group: Corporate members
The partners of the Private Non Profit Company

These are individuals or legal persons and groups of persons with a designated representative with a purpose that is similar to the company’s goals. All partners – founders or not, have equal rights and obligations, which are exercized as required by the statutes and applicable laws, and are all obliged to contribute by any legal means in the realization of the company’s objectives in accordance with the responsibilities set out herein.

Each partner is obliged to assist in any possible way to provide their services and contribute with their scientific, technical knowledge and expertise to achieve the company goals. Each partner is entitled to withdraw by written notice to the company.

Group 2: Non Corporate Members

Besides the corporate members of the company, there is also a special class of non-corporate members of friends and supporters of the company, who are called “Non-Corporate Members“. Non-corporate members may be individuals – regardless of gender, age, nationality – or legal persons or groups of persons with a designated representative of any nationality, that meet the following criteria:

They are actively involved and / or interested in the mission and goals of the company, which they accept.
They intend to volunteer for the implementation of the company’s objectives
They abide by the universally accepted moral and cultural values and principles and human rights.

Non-corporate members of the organization are classified into three (3) categories.

Depending on their origin, they can be either individuals (Individual Regular Members) or legal entities or groups/ associations (Collective Regular Member).

Individual Regular Member

Any individual regardless of gender, age or ethnicity can become a member, provided that:

  • They are actively contributing or/and are interested in the objectives and aims of the organisation, or related to them, which they accept in their entirety
  • They are willing to work voluntarily for the implementation of the aims of the organisation
  • They accept the universally acknowledged ethical and cultural principles, values and human rights
  • They submit a individual member application form that is accepted by the Board and is validated by the General Assembly of the regular members
  • They regularly pay their annual fees (if required).

Collective Regular Member

Any legal entity or groups/associations with a designated representative interested in the organization’s goals and supporting its efforts through any means can become a such a member, provided that:

  • They – as an entity, accept the universally acknowledged ethical and cultural principals and values and human rights
  • They submit a collective member application form that is accepted by the Board and is validated by the General Assembly of the regular members
  • They regularly pay their fees (if required)

Regular member registration procedure

Submission of written application to the Board. In the application, the following information must be specified:

  • I.D. Information / company information
  • A brief resume
  • Home/Contact address

The Board of the organisation is obliged to discuss the application in its first meeting and no later than thirty days after the date of application’s submission. If the perspective member fulfils the criteria set by the law and the organisation’s charter, the Board is obliged to approve the application and proceed to the registration of the new member.

If the application is rejected or the thirty day limit is exceeded, the applicant can form an appeal in the One-Member Court of First Instance within one month from the announcement of the rejection or the thirty days expiration.

The member status is acquired after the decision of the Board or the finalisation of the decision that directs the registration.

Honorary Members are the individuals or associations that have been recommended by a member of the Board and have been approved by the General Assembly of the partners, due to their distinction in matters related to the objectives of the organisation. Honorary members, while they are not regular member, can participate in the General Assemblies; can express their opinions only in a consultative manner without the right to vote. Honorary members are either individuals or legal entities or groups of individuals with assigned representative that pursue aims related to those of the organisation.

Every individual regardless of sex, nationality, between the age of 18 and 28, as long as:

  • They are active and/or interested in the mission and activities of the organizations, which they accept
  • They are prepared to volunteer to help achieve the organization’s objectives
  • They accept universally established moral and cultural principles and values and human rights
  • They submit a Youth member registration application that is accepted by the administration of the organisation

Youth / Student members of the company may participate in the General Assembly of regular members as listeners and are entitled to express their opinions in an advisory capacity, without having the right to vote. The registration and participation of student/youth members is free.

In order for an individual or legal person to become a member of the company, it is sufficient to submit a request to the Board, specifying in which category of members they wish to be classified: Regular {Individual or Collective) / Youth-Student

The Board reserves the right to ask the applicant for additional information and recommendations and decides on the acceptance or otherwise of their application, a decision which is then ratified by unanimous decision of the General Assembly of partners. All the above provisional members of the organization are regularly informed of the progress and activities of the Forum and its associate organizations and participate in the Permanent Groups of Activity, working groups and events.

The possible involvement of temporary members of the company in the management – asministration of corporate affairs may be decided by a decision of the General Assembly of Partners.

All of the above Members are entered in the Registry of Members of the organization and acquire a special number, which gives them access to a special area of the company’s website and participation in special events and debates and publications and benefits, intended only for partners and members.

During the first quarter of each year the members and all friends – supporters of the company are invited to a special G.A. of members in which the members are informed by the company’s management on its latest activities and the activity and participation of members in company activities is discussed. Members may be invited to the Annual General Meeting of partners and participate in its activities, which are open to all members, during which the partners take stock of the actions of the following period.

The possible participation of the different members of the company management – administration of corporate affairs may be decided by the General Meeting of Partners.


Member Registration – Annual Subscription

The Board decided in 2008 – year of the first review of the structure and organization of CulturePolis, that the payment of registration fees and of an annual subscription is optional but encouraged these payments as a donation from any willing member.

Subscriptions are OPTIONAL and take the form of donations.


2008-2016 Period

Member Category
Member registration
Donation – Annual Subscription
Regular Members
Individual 50 € 60 €
– cultural organizations, local governments, etc. 50 € 150 €
– companies 60 € 240 €
Honorary N/A N/A

Payments are made preferably by bank transfer to our bank account:

EFG Eurobank : GR1102603740000720200074858

In order to register as a CulturePolis member: Αίτηση Εγγραφής Μέλους

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