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CulturePolis has developed relationships with a number of NGOs and other civil society organizations, as well as universities, institutions and public and private enterprises in Greece and abroad. Since 2006, CulturePolis has collaborated with many of these bodies in organizating  joint events and studies, designing and implementing research and development projects and submitting funding proposals at local, national, European and international bodies and institutions.

Promoting CulturePolis partnerships at an international level

CuturePolis participates in various Cooperation Networks by enabling partners from successful European programs and public, local governance and private organizations in Greece and abroad. This is the context in which the local networks of Cultural Antennas founded until 2013 in several cities and countries developed their activities. At times, in particular through calls for EU programmes, calls are published for the expression of interest in partnerships with selected institutions worldwide.

This site includes organizations and institutions whose structure and objectives move beyond those of a single cultural entity but which cooperate with CulturePolis in national, European and international programmes and initiatives.


Network of Partners for EU Projects

Below is the list of organizations – by country – with which CulturePolis is currently collaborating in various European programs:

  • Public Institutions
  • Academic Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Foundations

How to become a CulturePolis partner organization

If your organization wishes to become an affiliate of CulturePolis with a view towards future partnerships in EU or regional / national programs, please fill in the Registration Form for cooperating partners – institutions:


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A brief history

From the Cultural Antennas to Cooperation Networks

During the 2006-2013 period, CulturePolis’s presence in an area was ensured through informal local partnerships called “Cultural Antennas” that were based on Memoranda of Understanding. The Antennas reflected the local cultural identity of each region and worked together to achieve the CulturePolis objectives. The goal was for the Cultural Antennas in different cities and countries to create a coherent and functional network of joint actions, cooperation and cultural exchanges.

Despite a promising start, most Cultureal Antennas – except the one in Preveza / Epirus which remains remarkably active, failed to become autonomous and develop and implement their own action plan based on local targets and priorities, while most of the time the people with coordinating duties did not have the necessary experience / knowledge / available time to gather their fellow citizens with the common goal of promoting local cultural identity. As a result the goal was not achieved to the desired extent and so it was decided to revise the structure and organization of the C.As in view of development / aid of another mode of cooperation with partners  from different countries/regions .

The new CulturePolis structure after the amendment of its statute in September 2013 provides a review of Cultural Antennas through their inclusion in broader Cooperation Networks and ensures the continuity of the organization, activities and projects that were already under way in cooperation with people, Local Governments, foundations and cultural institutions in Greece and abroad .

More about the activities of the various CulturePolis Cultural Antennas in Greece and abroad from 2006 to 2013 can be found at: Πολιτιστικές Αντένες–2 – 2006-2013


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