Citizen Artist Incubator : 2nd Incubation Camp and Closing Conference in Linz, Austria

Citizen Artist Incubator : 2nd Incubation Camp and Closing Conference in Linz, Austria

The Citizen Artist Incubator (CAI) projectis coming to an end and the President of CulturePolis, Vasilieos Laopodis, is currently in Austria in order to attend the end of the 2nd Incubation Camp (2-28/07) of Citizen Artists and the Closing Conference (27-28/07) of the project, taking place in the stunning Τabakfabrik in Linz, Austria. Overall, the CAI project, which was initiated in 2015, has been successful in achieving its aims for the pilot operation citizen artists incubation camps, in which 30 strictly selected up-and-coming artists from Europe and beyond were ‘hatched’ together.

It is up to the project partners to decide how to follow-up to this important experiment.

A few words about CAI

The project aims to build on the “Citizen Artist” phenomenon (Aspen Institute / June 2013), which describes artists who have recently started exploring innovative ways of using their art so as to maximize the post-regulatory impact and approach of non-given ‘Audiences – spectators / listeners”. After the implementation of the project, 30 artists from various specialties across the world will have been hosted, trained and guided through the two Incubation Camps. The artists were pre-selected using strict criteria and following an international call for expression of interest to participate in either of the two (2) camps of twenty (20) artists each and for a period of 4 weeks. The camp programmes will have included specific scientific and creative activities/lectures delivered by both Greek and foreign project partners, as well as retired experts. The first Incubation Camp took place in Laxenburg, Vienna on the 1st of April 2016 (first photo) and 2nd will be finished bythe 28th of July 2017 in Tabaksfabrik, Linz (second photo). At the end of each camp a demonstration of the Creative ideas developed by the artists during their stay will have taken place.


Up until now, the participants fo the 2nd Incubation Camp have been particulartly active and ambitious. They have been submitting their ideas and are actively involved in the process of learning new practices and suggestions, which they will present in the coming days.

It is a special moment for all partners to see the completion of this promising program that aims and hopes for social change through artistic expression and creation.

“I believe, the Citizen Artist Incubator would help Europe’s best Cultural entrepreneurs to develop the skills and networks required for their projects to succeed at scale”

Υο Υο Ma

More after the completion of the project

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