Archive of Surveys – Studies

This web site recorded descriptions of the various investigations into CulturePolis together with references to the results and publications (details of which are in the same site:

“Cultural Strategy Greek Cities Research” – 2016
(R) Research Results Phase A, May 2016 (E) Survey Results Second-final phase, in December 2016

Project “Innovation Policy Platform” (2014 – 2015)
Electronic toolkit for citizens and stakeholders consultations, 2015, EL-EN

Project SUSTCULT / SEE (2011-2014)
– (E) Methodology “Sustainable Heritage Management” – 2011, EN developed in 2011-12 and implemented in Corfu and all the cities of partners such as Venice, Ohrid, Berat, Nova Gkoritza and country areas in Hungary and Romania . – Internet research on the Vision of the inhabitants of Corfu Old Town Campaign “adopt!» – 2013, EL – (E) Updated proposals for Management / Action Plan 2013-2018, the Old Town of Corfu, UNESCO Monument, 2013 to 4, EL-EN working Papers – conference – declarations

Conference Intercultural Dialogue “The West Meets East” – (2009 – 2011)
1st Arab World Festival of Corfu, organized from 1-6 April 2011 by the NGO CulturePolis under the EU project “Culture 2007-2013” “- Intercultural Dialogue Festival-West-Eastern Meeting” Two days (3-4 April) International Conference on “The Journey: From Homer’s Odyssey in Sinbad the Thallassino”. with significant presences as the Ambassador of Tunisia in Greece, the Cultural Attache of the Embassy of Egypt, Arab university professors, the Foundation Anna Lindh, the Museum of Islamic Art / Benaki etc. Arab World Festival, Corfu, 1-6 April 2011, practical, EN / Proposals for permanent Euromed conference
1o Congress intercaltural Dialogue Adriatic – Ionian June 2008
Declaration of Corfu, 2008, EL-EN

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