Actions 2015 – 2016
Under elaboration
Actions 2006-2013
Raising citizen awareness:
Actions with the help of the media and civil society organizations at local / regional level in the Ionian region and the Adriatic Sea. Topics: cultural identity, cultural tourism, cultural heritage, environment and sustainable development, gastronomy etc.

Related Actions
Get Culturally Connected 
Utilization of the network and database of all cultural organizations and bodies in Corfu / Ionian Islands and the Adriatic Sea, which had been created in 2008-10. In this context CP partnered with the Chamber of Corfu and Corfu Municipal Theater for the creation of a Company of Corfu Cultural Bodies for participation in the NSRF.

Fortress Cultural Meetings
Program ( “Old Fortress Café-Bar”) 1st – Dec 16 Febr. 2009 … On Cultural Identity and Intercultural Dialogue 2nd – Dec 23 Febr …

Gastronomy Club Events (2011-13)
Adopt It! (2012-13)
Consultation Meetings: To heed the voice of the regions’ citizens

Related Actions
Campaign “Vision for the Old Town”(2012)
Consultation Meetings for the Old Town of Corfu (5 Advisory Committee meetings SUSTCULT Corfu / Old Town “- (2011-13)

European Cultural Cooperation Network for Development
The “European Cultural Cooperation Network for Development” is a non-governmental organization under French law.

Corfu Volunteer Network
The Corfu Volunteer network was founded on May 18th, 2011 from 18 member organizations from Corfu. It is an initiative with the vision of…

Corfu Gastronomy Club

The Corfu Gastronomy Club was founded on January 14, 2011 by a group of active citizens of Corfu as an independent initiative in the organizational structure of the non-profit non-governmental organization CulturePolis { Europe of Cultures Forum : Adriatic-Ionian Chapter}.





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