About Surveys – Studies

Since its inception in 2006, CulturePolis as the “Europe of Cultures Forum: Adriatic – Ionian Chapter” has so far undertaken interesting research and drawn up targeted studies on matters of interest, either independently or in cooperation with Greek / international bodies. Some of these surveys / studies are related to projects co-financed by the EU and other institutions e.g. SUSTCULT / SEE – online research for the VISION of the residents of the Old Town of Corfu & “Adopt It!” Campaign for the “adoption” of heritage monuments from students, etc., while others relate to the survey of cultural strategies of local authorities in view of the 2006 election, in 2009. More recent is the “Survey on the Cultural Strategy of Greek Cities” – 2016 – see more here.

Αfter 2014

Since 2015, CulturePolis has set itself the objective to undertake specific surveys, leading to special thematic publications seeking to fill gaps in Greek literature on related policy issues and strategy on cultural management and valorisation of cultural heritage. Any person interested in our Special thematic publications can access them by registering as a CulturePolis Thematic Publications subscriber (details to be announced soon).

Initial Period – Forum Studies

During the period where CulturePolis first appeared the focus of surveys – studies were issues of intercultural dialogue and cultural identities initially inspired by the then parent organization in Brussels “Europe of Cultures Forum”and then targeted conferences and conferences on intercultural dialogue in the Ionian – Adriatic region and the Euro-Mediterranean basin.

Past research proposals:


  • Digital Adrion: «Adriatic-Ionian cultural heritage promotion and research for mutual cultural characteristics through analysis and utilisation of existing digitised cultural material of cultural societies and public institutions» – Youth meeting planned for March 2008 (Youth in Action) & RTD proposal to be submitted to eContentplus programme 2007
  • Gnossis: European scientific tradition: sciences, culture and citizens Cultural identities and European Citizenship – Series of seminars, workshops
  • CULT-ID: Creating an Cultural Tourism Network on European Identity – Creating a network of info and reference points regarding cultural tourism in Adriatic-Ionian virτual region
  • City Seven Arts : content and events in small and medium cities and make museums, writers, actors, artists, dancer known to new audiences through interchange of the cultural manifestation and the know how of each institution
  • AICA.Net: Adriatic-Ionian Network of Cultural Antennas – Development of a Cultural Antennas cultural cooperation network

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